A professional studio delivering big studio production value without big studio costs.

MOS Productions Corporate

When you’re ready to accelerate your marketing and sales, streamline your training and improve your overall brand perception, MOS will deliver the best production value for your budget.

The best video production equipment and producers available for professional corporate video.

Outstanding client services from preproduction planning, footage gathering and editing to assistance in distribution.

Serving all industries across Canada.

7 More Reasons

1. When You Need To Fly

We capture beautiful, cinematic aerial video in 4K Ultra HD with our advanced, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or “drone”). We also fly for environmental surveys and other practical reasons where you just need that ‘shot from above’. Our UAV flies indoors as well as outdoors and delivers footage previously only available from big, expensive production studios.

MOS Productions flies legally, with Transport Canada mandated Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOCs) required to shoot commercial video with a UAV.


2. When You Need To Record A Live Event

Your event is well attended but many people will want to watch it after the event is over. But it has to look professional.

MOS works with you to understand your communications objectives, how it should be shot, and what type of distribution you need and produces a production plan and final video that delivers on your objectives.

We respect time and cost budgets and rely on proven processes and producers to get it done right – the first time.


3. When You Need to Accelerate Your Sales

Do you manufacture heavy industrial equipment or do you sell without having demo units on hand to show? Do you sell to national or international clients, making it difficult to demonstrate your product’s unique benefits in person?

You’ve invested in product development and now have an amazing product to take to market. MOS helps you realize increased sales with professionally produced video.

UStudio presents very compelling ways professional video helps companies achieve better sales results. And here is more compelling research from Forbes on how video helps drive sales.


4. When You Need To Shoot Video Anywhere – About Anything

MOS Productions is equipped to handle any video shoot – even 2KM underground.

From health and safety videos for the mining industry and educational documentaries to corporate events, we will arrange the right crew and the right equipment for the job.

Our clients are pleasantly surprised at a) how good their products and facilities look and b) how energized employees feel when they see their hard work shown in 4K HD video. MOS takes every opportunity to make you look good and make your products look superior.


5. When You Have A Success Story To Tell About Your Company

When you need to tell your company’s story to enhance your sales and networking initiatives, MOS Productions will consult with you and script a unique, compelling story about your brand, your people and why customers will appreciate why you do what you do.

MOS works with businesses of all sizes and, having launched hundreds of marketing campaigns, we will recommend how you can achieve the greatest ROI for your investment in professional video.


6. When You Need to Demonstrate Your Product’s Features and Benefits

Video is the preferred way to learn about product features. You can achieve the best customer conversion and satisfaction rates by showing them how your products work in high quality video produced by MOS.

MOS Productions has worked for trusted brands and understands content marketing. We work with you to create useful videos that help build and maintain customer loyalty.


7. When You Need A Professional Studio To Shoot a Promo, Webcast or Corporate Message

MOS Productions is fully equipped to shoot your next promo in our modern studio, with professional lighting and A/V recording equipment to ensure you get the big studio treatment and results. Are you a busy professional who doesn’t have “professional” office space? With our green screen studio, we’ll set you up in your own virtual boardroom and your viewers will appreciate the professionalism you convey on screen as well as what you practise.